Welcome to Zari’s media page.

These sacred chants were recorded while visiting the Shiomghvime Monastery in Meskheti Georgia, October 2015. The sacred singing tradition is separate from but also inextricably linked to the folk singing tradition.

In contrast to above, the following is a up-tempo song from Samegro and is accompanied by chonguri. Performed June 14 2015, St Andrew-by-the-Lake Church, Toronto Island

Mravalzhamier (translates to “many years”) is a celebratory song. This performance is from Toronto’s St Anne’s Anglican Church on November 22 2014.


Below ZARI performed as part of Canada’s Fashion Week (March 29 2010).

As a tribute to the Georgian luger who died in the winter Canadian olympics of 2010, the designers of Gaudet dedicated the first five minutes of their show to honour Nodar Kumaritashvili with song and dance from Georgia. One of the designers is Georgian and the team appropriates traditional Georgian felting techniques into their designs. Zari is performing Tsmindao Ghmerto


ZARI’s self titled CD was released in June 2008. Have a listen to some tracks.


This video features a few songs from our New York performance in November 2014.